How to write Best Meta description for YouTube

YouTube is becoming more and more popular than ever and now most of the people even getting a district diversion from blogging to vlogging and that shows YouTube is trending more than ever in 2017.

If you want to make money from Youtube then you need to learn how to write Good Meta Description .

Gone are the days when someone used to upload videos, and If the video goes viral, he/she used to make real money out of it,

But the situation is not the same anymore because now everyone is uploading more and more videos every day. With over 1 billion users worldwide leaving a chance and a lot of niches for everyone to explore. This isn’t easy anymore, and you need to learn YouTube keyword optimization to rank well in YouTube video listings.

Youtube Meta Description

But how?

Glad you asked, it’s not simple as you assume and not as tough as we can’t explain, in this post, we will give you clear insights and how you can optimize the videos to make more money in return with almost guaranteed results.


And as per the press release from YouTube, it has distributed around 2 billion dollars to its video right holders, that’s a whopping amount and imagine how much money is left on the table!

Well, let’s start with the optimization techniques, and in this post, we are going to explain how Meta description and title of the video plays a major factor.

What is YouTube Meta description?

If you are an absolute beginner with no experience in SEO industry, then this might be a new syllable for you to learn today. We will explain this in layman's terms.

The Meta description is nothing but a small snippet which contains some paragraph when someone enters a query in video search box in YouTube.

How does this affect the search ranking of a video and how it brings more views and clicks, we will let you know.

How YouTube ranking algorithm works are not known publicly, but there are a lot of SEO gurus who Meta descriptions rather considered as the most important factor to rank a YouTube video. When you use a proper Meta description and title with keywords you wish to rank for this naturally increases CTR (click through rate)

Here is the video tutorial of this process:-

How to take advantage of YouTube’s 120 character limit in Mate description?

You read it right, YouTube actually allows vloggers to write as much as 5000 character limit in the description and 120 character limit in the Meta descriptions, and only very few of us take advantage of that. Not only content, but YouTube also makes it possible to link to anything, unlike allocations and cards.

When people visit YouTube and search for videos, they look for accurate and prompt videos which answer the query and Meta description is what help them understand which one to click. If you make use of Meta description feature of YouTube wisely, with below-mentioned strategies, we are sure that rankings aren’t that difficult to achieve.

How to write most compelling Meta description and title?

That being said, we are not trying to say that, title and Meta description alone can bring success because you have to create a video which solves the query of your targeted audience. Which can be achieved by visually rich and determined video.

Even though the description is allowed for up to 5000 characters, the actual content of description, which we call Meta description is limited to 120 characters, so make sure you use this wisely.Follow these tactics optimize your videos YouTube algorithm for better rankings.

1.    Don’t be a spammer:

Yes! Don’t be a spammer, if you are thinking about stuffing your keywords to the description of the video and spam the shit out of YouTube and expect rankings, welcome to 2017 because that’s not the case anymore. While writing the description, go easy with keywords and drop your targeted keywords in first 50 words, make a list of latent semantic keywords and use them throughout the description.


2.    Writing the  Meta Description:

As we discussed earlier, Meta description for YouTube video is limited to 120 characters, and this is what users are going to see below your video in search results. So make sure that you add a compelling as well as the short description by dropping your targeted keyword at the beginning and explaining what your video is about. Be frank and be genuine. Mind it; wise Meta description can create the traffic jam if you implement it correctly.

3.    Choosing title and keywords for description and Meta description:

Before selecting the keywords, you should make sure that all keywords in your video is related to the content in your video and also while writing the description, you can link to your social media accounts and increase the subscribers and your social media engagement.

Also, use user generated keywords in descriptions, and latent semantic keywords are always a plus when it comes to optimization.

How to add  Meta Box to your videos:

If you are about to upload your new videos, then follow below steps:

1.    Go to upload video option from YouTube dashboard.

2.    Choose a video you want to upload, and while your video is being uploaded, you will be prompted with an option to enter your video title and description as well Meta description.

3.    Enter all the title and description with Meta description and the list of keywords and also choose the appropriate category for your video.

4.    Since it takes ample amount of time for the video to upload, this is the great way to spend a quality time creating tile and Metadata of videos.

If your video is already uploaded and you want to add video title and description as well as Meta description, then go to uploaded videos section of YouTube and just click on edit video detail, and this lets you edit all the details of the video.

Additional Note: You can also build  backlinks for your video .Just watch the tutorial:-


Conclusion: This post gives a clear approach towards to usage of Metadata of your YouTube videos, and by using all these tips, you can see achieve a ranking in YouTube if used explicitly.  


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