How to make the relationship with the pro bloggers

This is very important you can say it is also the key to get success in the blogging. So in this Articles we are going to learn how we should make the relationship with the pro bloggers in blogging  industries.


As we know that pro bloggers are the really smart people. They think smartly as we think they are mentally smart. So always  keep in mind don’t try to be over smart before him. He will be able to understand your mentality easily. How you can approach them?

What are the write methods to approach them?

How to get help from him?

How to ask Question if you don’t know Any thing ?

One thing is also Now a days in blogging some the bloggers are helping the new bloggers. But some of them is not like to help the other bloggers till now. So without wasting time so lets us start how we should make relationship with thesuccessful bloggers.

You have to follow These Thing first of all the approach those smart peoples

  • Approach in the professional manner don’t to try to approach with attitude. Because you are going to learn something from him so you have to be loyal in front of him during the asking of the question.
  • You should be genuine and if you want to be successful in life . you have to be genuine because fake peoples will not get success in life you would have to real person. Don’t try to show up about you what you are? You only know who you are and what you can do?
  • Express exact question what do you want to ask from them. Because they don’t have enough time to understand you problem. So If you are writing mail to him you have to describe the exact question and what you want from them. One months ago I emailed a successful bloggers of the India Iftikhar Ahmad I described all the problem in the mail because he is also busy person.every bloggers becomes busy in the blogging if they get success in blogging.

It was like this have taken screen shot of that email so you can understand more how I approached him and after one day he gave reply to my question and gave me also mobile numbers. I talked with him on phone he told me many thing how to rank any keyword , how to earn money from the blogging in short period of Time .

I got chance to talk him on phone just because of that mail. I got a lot of the benefit from him. He is running a groups for the blogger when I was added to that groups . there were only 1000 peoples now its 1200 hundred. All the peoples in this group Is bloggers.

I learnt each and every thing from this group . if I face any problem in blogging I use to post my problem and within few hours I got replied by those bloggers.

  • Comment on pro bloggers Blog

If you want to make good relationship which will be beneficial for you and your blog. Always try to post comment on his blog related to the articles. It should be valuable to the reader it will be very valuable to get huge amount of the backlinks for you blog. Don’t spam his blog if you post valuable comment on his blog you will get chance to meet him personally which will make you successful in blogging industries.

  • Follow him on social media

Follow the pro bloggers on social media  as to get the more information from him. And implement all those things on your blog. It might be helpful for you to be expert in the field of the blogging. You should try to observe his activity on the blog. How they write the content , how they optimise those content in search engine to get better ranking in SEO.

  • Do guest post on his Blogging

It will help you get better ranking in search engine because you will get the backlinks from those blog. Which has the good domain and page authority in this bloggers will start recognising who you are . because other bloggers will come to know through his blog and they will start following from that time. You can make your brand in the market with the SEO and SMO you can learn more about the Social media optimisation.

This was all about how to make the relationship with the pro bloggers in the blogging industries to make your brand in the blogging.

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It will make you successful in the blogging just because of the relationship with those bloggers. Always try to ask problem your doubt with him because they have faced those problems which you are facing now. Try to learn from his experience and also share your experience with the new blogger who wants help from you.

One Secret

In blogging only those peoples get success is just because of the sharing of his experience his knowledge to the peoples. Peoples likes to learn from the experienced peoples. So if you want to get success in blogging so be helpful to other. In this way they start recognising you and your blog. Keep sharing and keep earning.


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