Popads Review and Tutorial 2017

Popads review and tutorial: -What is popads and why should you use it? What is the benfit of popads over adsense and why you should use this on your blog?

popads review

Well I will answer your every question here .

So what is popads :-

Popads is an ads network like adsense which paid website owner to show their ads on ttheir blog.

Popads Process:- To sign up with popads,you need to have only a simple blog .Free or paid doesn’t matter.

So here is the full process:-

First go to popads.net

Sign up as publisher

Enter your details.

Verify your account.

Again goto you dashboard

Click on website.

Add your website and fill out every details.

Click on submit website.

Within 5 hours your website will be verified .

Now you need to generate code for your website.So just go to generate code and copy all the code.

Now go to editor of your website and click on header.php

Paste all the code between head section.Now come again to popads dashboard.

Click on trouble shooter and check everything works fine or not?

Make sure you have disabled your adblocker while logging into your account.

Some of your question and my answer:-

Here is video tutorial about popads:-

I am a publisher of popads.net. how many visitors do I need to get 1000 ad impressions?

Answer:- You need 1000 clicks for it.

What happens if I click on my own website continuously for popads.net?


you will not recieve any penny because they track ip’s on single click if you click with same ip on your site then there will be no increase in your dashboard

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Final words: I hope you liked this popads review


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